6 Best AI Alternatives to ChatGPT 2023

ChatGPT is an AI tool that allows you to create text using an easy-to-use interface.OpenAI designed ChatGPT specifically for creating text online.

6 min readMar 4, 2023
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Many people are using it to create different content and solve complex questions. There are many AI alternatives to ChatGPT.

The most common use of chatbots like ChatGPT AI is to generate text on your behalf. To demonstrate, this takes place by answering questions in natural languages such as English or Spanish.

The software allows you to ask simple questions or provide input. Then, the computer will come back with a message in the form of sentences or paragraphs based on your information.

1. MobileMonkey AI

Mobile Monkey is a powerful AI tool like ChatGPT.
MobileMonkey© 2023 MobileMonkey Inc.

Businesses and individuals using MobileMonkey can develop chatbots for a variety of uses, including help desks, community management, sales, and customer support. MobileMonkey’s chatbots are AI-enabled, which enables them to process a lot of incoming queries with the aid of a machine-learning engine.

Users can create fantastic chatbot experiences using MobileMonkey’s wide selection of pre-configured tools and services, even if they have little to no technical expertise. To give an example, rather than depending on hunches and custom code projects, you may get in touch with the MobileMonkey team and work with them to develop unique chatbot solutions.

In general, Companies can also profit from MobileMonkey’s team of human experts that understand the nuances of real-time discussions and can assist developers in building a trustworthy chatbot experience.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper is a powerful tool like ChatGPT.
Jasper@ 2023 Jasper AI, INC.

AI experts created Jasper with the help of the entrepreneur Ben Goertzel, the CEO and founder of SingularityNET. They designed Jasper to help businesses automate their content creation and drive revenue through enhanced marketing.

What’s more, Jasper AI utilizes the latest in natural language processing (NLP) technology. It’s able to create articles, blog posts, sales copy, email campaigns, press releases, product descriptions, and more.

The platform helps users streamline their marketing efforts. It allows them to automate content creation without any loss of quality or lower ROI rates.

With Jasper AI, users can craft their own content by utilizing templates the team has already written for them. This reduces the amount of time it takes for marketing teams to create higher-quality content. In addition, it improves the overall return on investment (ROI) that marketing teams can achieve.

Additionally, Jasper AI makes it easy to add new templates without having to learn a new scripting language. By using breakthroughs in NLP, AI, and Machine Learning technology, Jaspe can automatically write unique content with style and personality. To illustrate, it can do this in minutes with zero human involvement. It uses computer vision and deep learning image recognition techniques to classify text into written paragraphs.

3. YouChat

Since messaging is the preferred user interface to chat with businesses, YouChat is building AI-powered messaging bots. This is the main purpose because it focuses on simplifying repetitive tasks for companies.

YouChat is an AI chat assistant that builds upon IBM Watson`s Collection of curated/un-curated news websites/blogs, Youtube video sites, and Quora answers. YouChat uses IBM Watson to answer your questions and collects user feedback on each answer. Additionally, YouChat uses the collected user feedback and feeds it back into the system to help it improve.

YouChat is a project by IBM in the spirit of Google’s now-defunct “Google Answers”. Like Google Answers, there was a hope that the program could assist users with research and direct them to sources of information. At the same time, it will be constantly learning from interaction with its users. YouChat uses this functionality by gathering information from users in order to create a database of knowledge and insights.

4. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a chatbot that works well on both Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
ChatSonic© 2022 Writesonic, Inc.

ChatSonic is a chatbot that works well on both Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It’s very easy to create a GPT chatbot with a Dropbox account, the process takes no more than 10 minutes. You can use the bot to help you run your online business or to grow your Facebook page.

Similar to other GPT bots like Aliexpress Bot and Amazon Chatbot, ChatSonic works well in serving customers via Facebook Messenger. It sends order status and delivery information in real-time.

5. Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a powerful AI tool like ChatGPT.
ChatRocket© 2023 Rocket.Chat

The very next bot on my list is Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat is a great conversational chatbot that Conversocial Inc developed. The AI chatbot uses Machine Learning for chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It does this to make speech more natural with text and image generation with up to 100% accuracy. The AI supports both English and Spanish.

It runs well on most major platforms including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack. Users can use the chatbot in different ways including customer service, information acquisition, website promotion, and sales.

It supports multi-channel publishing which means you can publish different content on different channels at the same time. In a word, Rocket.Chat is a great conversational chatbot for both B2B and B2C with tons of features. You can use it to automate your website or promote your Facebook page.

6. Perplexity AI

Perplexity is a powerful AI tool like ChatGPT.
Perplexity.AI© Perplexity AI

Users like you can employ Perplexity AI for a variety of activities from simple questions to complex ones. Medical inquiries and legal proceedings have already used the application of this technology.

The experts at Perplexity are currently building its answer engine software. They hope will eventually become the next great computing platform for general use.

Thus, AI experts categorized Perplexity as the ‘AI Solution Platform’ on their website. You can use this software to assist in a variety of activities. However, they primarily intend it for personal or commercial use.

The team at Perplexity is currently building its AI platform. They are hopeful that it will eventually become the next great computing platform for general use. Likewise, they have been involved in various AI competitions such as IJCAI and ICDAR. They also regularly present papers at conferences such as AAAI, NIPS, ICML, and others.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many chatbots we can add to this list, these are the 6 that I personally found interesting. They are all really impressive and I believe they will be very impactful in the future.
If there are any other chatbots we can add to the list, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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