7 Steps to Place your First Order on Fiverr

Outsourcing is unavoidable for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and a host of other professionals for various reasons. Fiverr is one of the world’s leading digital marketplace for offering skills.

7 min readMay 6, 2022

It offers very professional sellers with high-quality skills in any budget range, willing to take on any project you have. In this article, we’ve outlined the steps to take in placing your first order on Fiverr.

The 7 Steps to place your First Order on Fiverr

STEP 1: Create a buyer’s account.

STEP 2: Search for skills related to your project.

STEP3: Choose a gig that fits your project description and Interact with a seller by contacting them using the contact icon on their gig.

STEP4: Place an order.

STEP5: Post a Buyers Request.

STEP6: Go through the offers and pick an offer then interact with the seller.

STEP7: Sit back and wait for the seller to deliver the project.

Why You Should Place an Order Place on Fiverr?

Placing an order on Fiverr can be done through two methods, the first method involves searching for a skill on Fiverr and interacting with a seller then placing an order. While the other skill involves posting a request, it should include important details such as your project description, the time requirements, and your budget.

After posting this request, also known as a Buyer’s Request, you will receive offers from sellers, you can filter through these requests and then chat with any seller of your choice. After reaching an agreement with the seller, you can place an order. It is more advisable to search the marketplace for various gigs and then test a seller with a low-budget project instead of going all in, to avoid scams from freelancers with fake reviews.

STEP 1: Create a Buyer’s Account

Creating a buyer’s account is quite simple compared to creating a seller’s account and it can be done within two to five minutes. The first thing you have to do is go to Fiverr then register using either Google or Facebook, choose a username then click on join, after joining Fiverr you will receive an activation email. Go to your mailbox and click on activate account; you will automatically be directed to your Fiverr workspace.


STEP2: Search for Skills Related to your Project

After signing up on Fiverr your account will automatically become a buyer’s account, however, you can go to your Profile Settings and change the account to a Sellers account, if you plan on offering your skills on the platform in the future. Once you register you’ll be directed to the homepage, on this homepage, there’s a search bar where you can search for skills and gigs. The first thing you should do is search for skills related to your project, it is recommended to do so using a filter according to a trusted source, in order to reduce your search time. After entering a keyword you’ll see advertisements on the platform with sellers sharing the skills they’ll be offering as well as the prices they will accept for each service, these ads are popularly known on Fiverr as “gigs”.

Gigs can be in form of images or videos; you’ll see gigs ranging in prices from $5 and above depending on the seller’s level and region. New sellers are sellers who recently joined Fiverr, Level one and Level two sellers are more seasoned with higher orders completed there are Level three sellers as well as pro sellers who are more seasoned and handpicked by Fiverr.


STEP 3: Choose a Gig that Fits your Project Description, and Interact with the Seller by Contacting them Using the Contact Icon on their Gig

There are two ways to search for a gig that matches your project description you can either search via buyer’s request or by gigs. It’s more advisable to search by gigs, so you can have a wide range of sellers to select from while using filters such as online sellers and levels, you can choose a gig that matches your budget and project description, then click on the gig image. On the gig image, there is a contact icon, it is important and mandatory to chat with the seller and make an agreeable conversation to avoid scams, and to get a better feel of the seller.

This would ensure that you’re comfortable enough with the buyer to entrust your project in their hands. After clicking on the contact icon below a gig image, you’ll be directed to the seller's mailbox, keep it short and simple in order to avoid your account being suspended by Fiverr due to violations of codes. You then explain briefly what your project is about, whether it is related to article writing or website development after the seller replies you can send a project description and an outline. The latter describes your project, your budget, and your time requirements.


STEP 4: Place an Order

After reaching an agreement with the seller, the seller will create an offer, and then you will accept the offer by clicking on Order. If there are extra requirements such as an extra fast delivery or revisions make sure to specify them or else, you’ll have to wait for 12 hours after an order in order to edit the requirements.


The request will begin and the purchaser will be notified when it’s finished. You can likewise follow the advancement in Fiverr. After placing the order you’ll wait until the agreed date or time for the seller to complete the project, in some cases the seller might also choose to submit earlier than planned. After the order has been completed you may choose to give the seller a review or ignore this.


However, it is advisable to be cautious when reviewing a seller’s work, especially work you’re very satisfied with. Because a rating below 90% would render the seller unable to offer their services through bidding for a period of time, If you’re interested in ordering a gig again, you can click on the plan. The latter best suits your project and click on the continue button. It will take you to the customized order page where you can create an order.

STEP 5: Post a Buyers Request

If you can’t find the service you’re searching for you can post a request describing your project. Posting a request is one of the most common methods, through which buyers place orders on Fiverr, it reduces the stress of searching through the marketplace for sellers. Since you can simply post a request with your requirements giving a brief description of your project, as well as your budget and the time you’ll be expecting a project, the request can be a great way to buy your services.

Sellers of different levels will then, send offers to you telling you the amount they’re willing to receive as well as the number of days in which they can complete the order. It is advisory to read through the requests or create a trap in order to find out if they actually read your request or not, a very popular method is asking them to write a keyword at the beginning of their request.

STEP 6: Go through the Offers and Pick an Offer then Interact with the Seller

After going through the offers and picking one which best suits your interests, it is advisable to chat the buyer up first before placing an order in order to get a firsthand feel of the person's communication skills. This allows you to be sure that the buyer can be trusted with your project. You can then discuss the pricing or additional services such as an extra fast delivery or revisions, the seller will send an offer after you’ve reached an agreement, after which you can place an order.

STEP7: Sit Back and Wait for the Seller to Deliver the Project

After the order has been placed by the buyer, it doesn’t require any other stress. Then wait for the agreed delivery date to receive your purchased project.

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