Earn a Passive Income with AI as a Freelancer

There’s no need to be stuck with a job with a fixed salary and hours — the advent of AI-empowered freelancing has opened up new opportunities for those who want to go in that direction.

8 min readFeb 17, 2023
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With the help of AI, anyone can now have their own business without time-consuming tasks such as driving or doing paperwork. In this article, I will share some passive income ideas that are relevant in today’s market.

The main advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it can perform tasks that are usually hard to automate on your own. Technology is helping almost everyone in their daily routine, from completing shopping online to performing personal activities like getting a haircut or booking a local taxi. As more people get into the habit of using bots, one-day machines will take over all aspects of our lives.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not as widely understood as it should be, but it is one of the most important technologies in computing history and potentially one of its biggest-ever innovations. Freelancers are already being able to make use of AI thanks to further developments in deep learning algorithms.

Earn a passive income by working via an AI-powered platform

Freelancers that possess valuable skills and expertise can put their know-how up for work on these platforms and earn a living by doing something they like. This income is expected to increase as more companies use AI in the workplace.

Genie is an online platform where freelancers connect and work with others. It’s a platform where people can enter the workforce and become AI-enabled talent. “Freelancers are encouraged to think of their skills as assets, which if sold and in demand, can bring forth earnings. AI will ultimately convert freelancers into machines.” Genie is a fixed-income platform that enables users to earn passive income and build additional income streams.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

The developers explain that they want to make it easy for anyone to make money online. They believe that the advent of artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly increase the demand for services over time, thereby resulting in higher earnings for all types of workers. As of now, the software is still in its infancy, and working on it is considered a good exercise for further improvements.

All users must have a purpose for using Genie. The platform will not allow freelancers to use the platform unless they have sufficient data on their skills. They can transfer this data into the Genie platform in order to find suitable matches with others. It’s also important that they maintain a good record of their work history and skills on the platform so as not to get flagged by others as unreliable or inappropriate freelancers.

Program Chatbots with AI as a freelancer

Another way freelancers can make money from AI is by programming chatbots. Chatbots have been around for quite some years and have proven themselves useful when it comes to automating tasks that may otherwise consume human resources. Chatbots are used for a wide range of applications, from corporate services to customer support, and now even banking. In the future, we may see banking chatbots replace human operators — who process millions of requests per day — and you could become a big player in the industry by providing them to various banks.

Make a passive income with blogs/websites

You no longer need to build your own website or blogs to promote products or services that may prove useful for your audience. With the introduction of platforms such as Authorship and ContentClick, you can make money by simply putting up links to helpful content on other sites that provide either an educational benefit or entertainment value. The key is to find your target audience and provide them with the type of content they want. As AI continues to grow, more platforms that utilize artificial intelligence will be brought onto the market.

Freelance websites are also another way to make a passive income running an AI business since you can use existing technology to automate processes and reduce costs. An example of how AI can help to save money is by automating repetitive tasks related to your website or blog. Freelance platforms allow freelancers with varying skill sets to have access to a large number of potential clients in the industry. This means you will have plenty of opportunities for growth and the chance to create a strong reputation within the industry that people trust.

AI provides an opportunity to get into the Freelance Industry

In addition to providing you with a passive income, AI can also help you break into the freelance industry in the first place. Analyzing large data sets, such as customer preferences, can help you create products and services that people are looking for or improve on existing ones. This means that if you’re wanting to start off as a freelancer, AI is a great way to learn about the industry before making a name for yourself.

Since AI is all about automation, it can make your own work more efficient and effective so that you can focus your energy on other aspects of your business, such as customer service or marketing. Freelancers may not currently be a lucrative business, but AI is gradually making it more profitable.

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It’s easy to get carried away with AI and the potential that goes along with it. However, you need to remember that big companies like Amazon and Google are already using it in their businesses. For those of you who work in the technology industry but aren’t aware of what AI is, it refers to machines that are capable of intelligent behavior on their own.

A good way of understanding how this technology will impact the future is by looking at its impact on other industries such as retail and call centers. With developments in AI, we just might be seeing call centers and retail being automated away in the future.

How AI can improve Freelancers’ income?

AI can help freelancers save time and earn more income. AI is one of the most popular categories in the IT industry. New techniques and ideas have emerged to increase the computing power of AI. As a freelancer, you can use AI to write, rewrite, edit images, create graphic designs, create a ppt presentation, edit videos, and alter pictures, among many other things.

AI can even develop web pages and programs. Besides, AI will also help you to find jobs and clients. As a freelancer, you can use AI to create resumes and manage your clients’ contacts. AI can help you find the best and cheapest way to reach your clients and deliver tasks.

AI platforms that can help Freelancers create Chatbots

Here are some AI platforms that can help you improve your freelancing career. It is one of the most flexible and sophisticated AI platforms. The platform uses artificial intelligence, which has a software program that can understand natural language and respond accordingly.

2. Titan Framework:

It can be used to create chatbots and social media sites with text or video live-to-chat support. It has a free version, which you can use to build your first chatbot.

2. Chatfuel:

Chatfuel is another popular AI platform that has more than two thousand active monthly users. It has a free version and a paid version. Chatfuel can be used to create chatbots through a visual drag-and-drop editor. The AI platform has the following features;
The platform can generate unlimited chatbots with different functions. It includes Google TTS, instant replies, event triggers, and Facebook messenger bot integration.
It provides analytics for the chatbot activity through charts and detailed metrics.
Chatfuel integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twilio, Zapier, and more than 70 platforms. Other features included a WYSIWYG editor for web chatbots and integrations with Google Drive filling APIs.

3. SnatchBot:

SnatchBot is an AI platform that offers tools to build chatbots and websites without coding or design experience. It can recognize photos, videos, and text in more than 80 languages. It has a free version for freelancers with limited features. The Premium version has more features including unlimited training sessions, 24/7 support, advanced image recognition capability, and two-way audio features. Snatchbot pricing is based on the number of messages processed monthly.

4. WebI:

Webi AI can be used to combine artificial intelligence with various web products and services. It has a free version with limited features. The platform integrates with Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Slack, Twilio, and more than 70 platforms. It also integrates with Google Sheets, MailChimp, Shopify, and WordPress sites. Webi AI helps you to build chatbots and build your own website. It has an integrated design editor that supports advanced features like Google Maps integration, templates, and charts. WebI pricing is based on the number of messages processed monthly.

5. Jovo:

Developing a chatbot takes time and effort, especially if you are new to this technology. Jovo has launched a free tool that allows anyone to create their own chatbot in minutes with no coding knowledge or expertise. Jovo is the easiest way for freelancers to develop their own chatbot by simply filling out a few simple questions and providing it with lists of responses that could be used at any time. The free version is free and includes a wide range of features.

6. BotMakers:

Botmakers is one of the most popular chatbot AI platforms that have more than 30 thousand active monthly users. It has a free version and paid versions starting from $ 29 per month. Botmakers can be used to build a chatbot for Facebook messenger, SMS, Twitter, Telegram, and WeChat through a visual drag-and-drop interface or code editor. It provides a wide range of features including:
It uses artificial intelligence to create your chatbot. The platform has a library with thousands of free templates and modules.
Botmakers pricing is based on the number of messages processed monthly.

7. BotBrain:

Botbrain can be used to build chatbots for Facebook Messenger, SMS, WeChat, messengers, email, and other platforms through a visual WYSIWYG editor or code editor. The platform has more than 16 thousand active monthly users and has a free version with limited features. The premium plan for $49 per month comes with unlimited training sessions, unlimited conversation history, and advanced versions of the basic functions.

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