How to Make Money with Canva Pro Affiliate Program?

Canva is an award-winning design platform that helps us create professional-looking images from scratch in 10 minutes.

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They also offer many other features like excellent image editing, customizable templates, and a CSS creator. You can work for Canva as an affiliate by promoting the company’s products for free on your blog or website. So if you’re looking to make money online with Canva, check out these tips!

1. Start a Blog on Canva

To be an affiliate of Canva, you need to have a blog on the Internet. You can write articles using the platform, or share tutorials and e-books. You will earn a 10 percent cut from all sales in your account. But remember that you need to have 100,000 views in the last 90 days to get $100 and more every month.

2. Join a Product Launch Team

Canva is having several product launches every year and they are looking for affiliates who want to promote them for free. You can join a launch team, promote the product and get a 25 percent commission for every sale made by you. Every few months, Canva will launch new e-books, classes, and other features. You can take part in these launches to get more traffic and potential buyers.

3. Promote Canva via Social Media

Social media accounts are the most effective way of promoting your product online. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as a medium for selling Canva Pro membership to your audience. If you want to promote it on Twitter or Google Plus, you need to have at least 10K followers on any of these social sites to make the effort worth the time and money. Spend some time on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn groups to promote your Canva affiliate link. You will get a lot of traffic this way.

4. Write Content on Canva

If you’re good enough at writing, you can write articles and e-books using Canva’s platform. You can create some best-selling e-books or provide quality content to help users learn the features of this tool for free. You can then sell these helpful tutorials for a few dollars that will help you make money online with the Canva Pro program.

Follow these steps to write your first e-book on Canva:
Create a free account on Canva, if you have not already. Select ‘File’ > ‘New Project’ in the menu bar. Choose the type of project you want to create. Click on ‘Blank’ to start a blank project and build your e-book.

5. Create Tutorials and Share Them on YouTube

Many video marketing channels such as YouTube could help you promote your Canva products for free online and make money online with the Canva Pro program. You can simply create videos using Canva’s editing tools and then upload them on your YouTube channel or your blog or website. You will be paid $25 per 1000 views on YouTube, but some other channels pay you $60 and more for the same number of views. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pay you less for your posts.

6. Promote Canva via Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best places to promote your products online. You can also sell e-books and other products on Facebook groups. There are many Facebook groups related to design, blogging, social media marketing, and other niches where you can promote your products for free and make money online with the Canva Pro program.

7. Use Social Media Influencers

You can promote Canva Pro via social media by using influencers who have a large follower base. These people get a lot of exposure on their profiles and can help your product make it in front of millions of eyes. If you’ve got a good plan, you can promote it via them too.

8. Use a Direct Sales Method

Canva’s free version is limited to 8 designs per month and its users cannot take advantage of some other features like wishlists, discounts, or coupons. So if you want to use it as a business tool rather than as an app for personal usage, you need to upgrade your account to Canva Pro at $29 per month (for a lifetime subscription).

9. Buy Traffic, Leads, and Clients

If you have a website, you can buy traffic by promoting Canva Pro on your site. You can also use paid services such as Google Adwords to get brand new leads for free. If you have a blog or website, you can also promote your Canva Pro membership to your audience using social media.

10. Sell Design Products with Affiliate Links

As an affiliate of Canva, you need to promote its products on your website or blog with affiliate links. These links will help you make money online with Canva Pro. You can use these links to sell e-books, classes, and other products on your website. If you’re good at creating designs, you can also promote Canva products on your blog and make money online with this program.

11. Use Clickbank to Buy Traffic

If you’ve used Google Adwords for a long, you know it’s not very effective for affiliate marketing. You can make money online with Canva Pro by using a better alternative such as Clickbank. You can get leads from this advertising platform, and if they like your product and you make sales, you will get your commissions without any extra charges.

12. Build an Email List

A lot of business owners are making fortunes online these days by building their email lists. If they have an email list of over 10K people, they can earn up to $1000 per day through affiliate marketing. You can build an email list of your own with Leadpages, Aweber, and other similar platforms. Once you have your email list up and running, you can market Canva Pro on this list to make money online with the Canva Pro program.

13. Use Affiliate Networks

Many affiliate networks are the best platform to promote your product online because they have a large base of potential buyers. You can promote products on these platforms by buying traffic from them and make a lot of money online by selling e-books, classes, and other products through them. You will get a commission once someone buys the product after clicking on your affiliate link.
You can also promote products on your social media accounts, blogs, websites, and other sites.

14. Sell E-books and Classes

You can also sell e-books or classes on your blog and website to make money online with the Canva Pro program. You need not spend any money for this activity as you will get commissions when someone purchases the book or class from these sites.

15. Sell membership Packages

Do you have an affiliate marketing account with Aweber, Clickbank, or Amazon Affiliates? You can use this account to promote products of your favorite brands through selling membership packages to make money online with the Canva Pro program.

Final thoughts

If you want to make a reasonable amount of money with the Canva Pro Program, make sure you know how to use it and have at least basic social media platforms or websites where you can promote their brand.

The tips I discussed in this post can be effective once you meet the requirements of the Canva Pro Program. It’s a difficult process, but you’ll get there with hard work and self-motivation. Feel free to check out their affiliate program using this link.

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